Customisable, high quality digital kits created by legendary talent

The dragon awakens! The fires are lit! Dragon's Forge is excited to introduce a whole new concept in miniatures design, supported by a who's-who of renowned industry legends including artist Dave Gallagher, writer Gav Thorpe and sculptors with long histories at the UK's most successful miniatures companies.

Together we're pioneering the design of customisable, high quality digital kits for miniatures collectors, painters, roleplayers and tabletop gamers. Our online Forge app offers creative, finely detailed fantasy sculpts, with artist-led customisation options that emphasise character and quality over quantity. No physical kit or online hero creation tool comes close to what our digital kits can do!

Select your favourite character or monster, customise with hundreds of bespoke parts, then download your creation as an STL file or order a high quality 3D print to be delivered to your door. New and exclusive customisable kits will also be available via a range of other outlets, including popular platforms like Kickstarter and Patreon.

Dragon's Forge
Dragon's Forge

Build miniatures your way with the power of the Forge

The Forge is a transcendental mechanism manipulated by the ancient dragon Thrax Forgemaster, a being cursed by the Powers Beyond to remake all that was lost in a frenzy of cataclysmic destruction before the dawn of time itself - or it's an online miniatures customisation app, depending on which universe you happen to be in.

The Forge gives hobbyists access to an ever-expanding library of customisable, high quality digital kits. Imagine a traditional model kit, but with literally hundreds of unique and characterful parts to choose from. Then imagine an online hero creation tool, but with original characters designed by legendary fantasy artists and accompanied by gorgeous build options that are specially crafted for each character. Now you're getting close to realising the power of the Dragon's Forge!

The Forge is currently being stoked in closed beta and is expected to fire up following our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Dragon's Forge

Miniatures Design

If there were a college of magic for miniatures design, we'd be the master sorcerers!

Co-founder Gordon Davidson has been in miniatures design management for over 25 years, working for both Games Workshop and Gale Force Nine in that time; he very likely had a hand in many of the beloved kits that you've collected over the years.

He has assembled a crack team of concept artists and sculptors that includes celebrated Games Workshop alumni alongside up-and-coming new talent, creating a heady brew of creative energy that will knock your socks off!

All of this experience and skill would be for naught if it weren't reflected in our miniatures, but the results are there for all to see. Our detailed, high quality miniatures are brimming with character, and each one tells a story - whether it's a naive halfling setting out on a perilous quest with the comforts of home carried on his back, or a grizzled sorcerer summoning the last of his strength to cast a devastatingly powerful spell that may yet overwhelm him.

Our digital kits are fully customisable too of course, so each character's story is yours to shape as you will. The result is pure miniatures magic!

3D Printing

A hammer and tongs are fine instruments in the hands of a master smith, but a top of the line 3D printer is even better!

When you order a printed figure from Dragon's Forge, you can be confident that you're getting the very best quality thanks to our rigorous testing process and high-end commercial standard printers. 'Acceptable' isn't good enough for us, and doing justice to our incredible sculpts means that the only print options we offer are Premium and Master. How good is a Master print? So good, you'll think it was willed into existence by the gods themselves! What you see on screen is exactly what you get.

Our quality control, customer service and shipping are handled by a dedicated team led by Rob West - director of retail chain Firestorm Games and Dragon's Forge co-founder. This gives us a finely tuned mail order system and a proven track record of delivering for millions of customers, right out of the gate. Forgemaster be praised!

All this is to say nothing of our exciting future plans for print-on-demand options, a marketplace where independent sculptors can host and sell their designs, plus a bespoke miniatures design service that offers direct access to talented creatives. When you think of 3D printed fantasy miniatures, you'll think of Dragon's Forge!

Dragon's Forge

Kickstarter - September 2021

We can't wait to start sharing the spectacular work of our talented artists, designers and sculptors, so Dragon's Forge is bursting onto the scene with a Kickstarter campaign to take the Forge app over the line from closed beta to public launch.

Kicking off with a bang in September 2021, the campaign will allow backers to be the very first to access our customisable digital kits in the Forge, with multiple tier options, a horde of amazing fantasy miniatures and incredible value.

The road to the Dragon's Forge Kickstarter campaign begins right now! Check out our blog and social media feeds for all the latest news and reveals ahead of launch day!

Patreon - Q4 2021

Get ready for a miniatures subscription so big that it can't be entirely contained within a single universe!

Every month our patrons gain access to a new collection of customisable, high quality digital kits, including special editions and timed exclusives. Each collection features a different fantasy theme composed of characters, creatures and monsters that will fire your imagination and blow you away. Customise your kits in the Forge, download the pre-supported STL files and you're good to go.

Don't have a 3D printer? No problem! We'll print your customised miniatures for you and have them delivered right to the door of your fortress, dungeon or hovel, anywhere in the multiverse! Patrons even get a discount on the regular printing price.

All this, and we haven't even mentioned the fantastic gaming and roleplaying extras yet! Look out for more details and exciting character kit reveals as we near the Patreon launch, coming soon.

Dragon's Forge
Thrax Forgemaster